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Our Adult lessons are held for beginners, improvers, advanced, fitness, stroke technique and speed development.


It’s never too learn to start swimming! There are also many health and therapeutic effects of swimming or simply being in the water for relaxation. At Carol Saunders Swim School we have numerous experience and qualified staff on hand, you can be introduced to the water at your own pace. As an Adult beginner, the Teachers are in the water with you at all times.

The important thing to know is that you are not alone. One in five adults across the country can’t swim – but it’s never too late to learn. Most pools offer adult classes in a friendly and supportive environment.

Carol Saunders Swim School Adult lessons take things at a slow pace – starting off with teaching you to how to stand up and regain your feet, float and swim without fear before being taught specific strokes.

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Fitness Lane Swim

If you don’t want any instruction and just want to keep up your fitness, you can also simply just come in for a swim!

When you decide to learn to swim, it can be a long and challenging process, but the rewards you’ll reap in the end are well worth it. The feeling of accomplishment and your new-found confidence in the water are only the beginning; it’s also a great way to keep fit, tone up, and meet new people.

This is why we’re so passionate about getting everybody in the water. We just don’t want anyone to miss out on all the fun! Once you learn to swim, it’s one of the easiest forms of cardiovascular exercise, and is suitable for all ages, as well as people with disabilities or health problems.

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Advanced, Multisport training and competing

Once you have found your fins have you thought about a multisport event like a triathlon or an aquathlon or compete at Masters and Age Group...Open Water? swimming competitions....Swim the Channel or an Ice Mile?

The aquatic world is now your oyster!

For more information about competitions and being part of a team, please take a look at Yorkshire Vikings Tri Team and Swim Squad.


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