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Learning to Train

(8 - 12years)

The Advanced Group Swimmers are aiming for the last of the Stage Awards and are exploring options to further their swimming.

By taking part in different aquatic disciplines you continue to develop fundamental sports skills. You can find out more about the sports on the Swim England sport ‘hubs’ by clicking or tapping here: swimming, synchro, water polo, and diving.

The 12 Awards comprising the Learn to Swim Stages 8-10 are:

Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway (Stages 8-10)

Once your swimmers has developed the core range of skills in stages 1-7 they are ready to learn a more advanced range of skills, they then have the choice to take part in different aquatic disciplines:Competetive Swimming, Flip ‘n’ Fun (Diving), AquaFun (Synchronised Swimming), Mini-Polo! (Water Polo)

Challenge Awards

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours Challenge Awards are integrated into the lessons after Stages 1-7. Distance awards will also be achieved.

As your swimmer develops, they will become aware of how the water moves around them and will be able to choose their own aquatic activity.


Learn-to-Swim-Swimming-8Stage 8 - Competitive Swimming

Working towards Swim England Stages 6-7, Bronze Challenge and 200-400m distance awards.

Once your swimmer reaches the Intermediate – Advanced Groups, the structure of their lesson changes. They are more likely to be swimming lengths and will be taught lane swimming etiquette.


Learn-to-Swim-Swimming-9Stage 9 - Competitive Swimming

Working towards Swim England Stages 8-10, Silver, Gold, Honours Challenge and 400m-1mile distance awards.




Learn-to-Swim-Stage10Stage 10 - Competitive Swimming

Once swimmers reached the Learning to Train Stages, the structure of their lesson will be swimming lengths.The advanced swimmer’s strokes will be more efficient and they will be able to perform tumble turns as a normal occurence of their lesson. The structure of their class will include a warm up and cool down sessions, with ‘sets’ scheduled by their swimming Coach.

Have you enjoyed the introduction to competitive swimming completing Stages 8-10? Are you ready to take on Training to Train, Compete & Win??

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Training to Train, Compete & Win!

Preparing & Training for Open Water Swimming

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