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FUNdamentals (4-9years)

Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway (Stages 1-7)

Our Junior lessons follow Stages 1-7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway, these lessons are full of fun while provide basic aquatic skills, building water confidence and competence. Distance awards will also be achieved.

Our Junior classes are broken down into the following groups (please be aware group levels do overlap) ;

LTS1-Learn-to-SwimStage 1

Builds water confidence and encourages swimmers to enter the water safely and take the adventurous step of moving forwards, backward and sideways Confidence exercises to include ‘singing in the rain’ floating on the front and the back and regain a standing position. The introduction of having aids removed to gain the feeling of buoyancy  The pool rules are introduced and reinforced. 


LTS2-Learn-to-Swim-2-2Stage 2

Shows a different way of entering the pool safely – jumping in, aquatic breathing is introduced. Streamlining like ‘Superman.’

Rotations in the water to regain a standing position lots of fun to bring in the FUNdamentals of swimming. Travelling in any direction in any way a swimmer chooses


LTS3-learn-to-swim-3Stage 3

Moving into deeper water and gain safe entries into the pool.

Extended Superman Streamlining Travelling and more independence in the pool and become more adventurous. 

Floating into tuck floats and to be aware of the Water Safety Code


LTS4-learn-to-swim-4Stage 4

The swimmers will now have an understanding of buoyancy, will be able to change into different shapes.

The development of swimming strokes is introduced, backstroke, breastroke butterfly and frontcrawl.

Sculling is incorporated and developed. Rolling in the water from front to the back and back to front.


LTS5-Learn-to-Swim-5Stage 5

Sculling is developed into movement on the back discovering shapes in the water.

Hand stands developed strokes start to become more efficient. Treading water is introduced.


LTS6-Learn-to-Swim-6Stage 6

An understanding of the preparation for exercise is discussed Strokes are developed again with rhythmical breathing introduced. Surface dives are introduced wearing tshirts and shorts. Experiencing the strange feeling of drag.

LTS7-Learn-to-Swim-7Stage 7

The swimmers will be encouraged to swim 25 metres with good technique and their stamina is developed by swimming longer distances.

Performance sequences are introduced and swimmers can experience ‘water ballet’. Treading water is developed to the eggbeater.





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