Willow Lodge, Bubwith

 Beautiful warm private pool located in the village of Bubwith. Lesson run for 48 weeks of the year in rolling term blocks.

Class Times & Availability

Lessons are available:

Group and Private lessons for swimmers of all abilities from 3yrs +.

Classes are 30 minutes long and subject to availability.

Mermaid experiences and parties are available upon request

Pool Details 






 1.0m - 1.8m



 Spectator area:

1 per swimmer

Changing Rooms

 Mixed Sex / privacy screens

 Single rinsing shower on poolside

 Toilet / Bathroom

Please park and then follow the signposts at the venue round the pool house to the left to the back of the building.

Disclaimer: The above dates, times and course durations are subject to change. If you are unsure of your course start date and would like the term dates and your lesson time confirming, please refer to your booking letter or call Carol Saunders Swim School (01757) 709703. Any changes to the dates on your original booking letter will be made via email.



95 Breighton Road, Bubwith, Selby, YO8 6DQ

Pool Information

Length: 10m  

Width: 5m  

Depth: 1.2 -1.8m

Temperature: 30 deg.C