Welcome to Tiddler's Academy

Baby and Preschool Ages 0-4years

Swimming with your little one is a beautiful special bonding experience. Our approach to baby swimming is gentle, child-led, progressive and a lot of fun.....

We offer a relaxed, nuturing and sensory experience for you and your little one to learn a vital life-saving skill together. The skills you learn and fun you have will remain with you forever!

Fun and enjoyment are critical at any stage of learning to swim but particularly at this stage, the main emphasis is placed on feeling at ease, bonding and developing water confidence whilst working with the parent or accompanying adult.

We have developed ways to introduce babies in to the water by.....


**Important Notice**

Due to COVID-19 our Baby and Preschool sessions at Bubwith are postponed until all restrictions are eased to enable full use of the changing rooms and capacity in the water. In accordance with the Government Guidance this will be around June 2021.

Thank you for everyone's support and kinds word to date and to all our venue's who are supporting this temporary closure.

As a small family business we hope you understand, support and appreciate our decision and we hope you will continue to support us when we are back up and swimming.
Keep Safe and Keep Well

Best wishes
Carol, Naiomi & CSSSFamily