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Are you worried about your baby's health in public pools?

We’ve recently found out that health risks are the main concern from parents when considering whether or not to take their little one swimming in public pools, in fact, as many as half of all concerns when taking babies swimming are the health implications.

It’s interesting to find that fear of their baby picking up a bug was voiced by a quarter of respondents (25.5%), while a further 22.7% were worried that chlorine would irritate the infant’s skin.

Having to deal with a nappy accident in the pool was the third biggest concern, with a fifth of parents’ votes, while others were put off by the prospect that their baby would be too cold (18.8%) or wouldn’t like the water (10.1%).

The findings come despite evidence documenting the benefits of introducing children to swimming at an early age, which include promoting parent-baby bonding, building coordination and motor skills,and enhancing their overall wellbeing. Further research has even found that early years swimming could improve children’s capacity to learn mathematics!

However, the use of the internet — and particularly searching around health concerns — could be exacerbating people’s anxieties!

Since 2016, when it became industry best practice for babies to wear a neoprene over-nappy in all lessons, over 90% of swim schools have mandated this standard. This helps to mitigate the risk of ill-health through stomach bugs, both for babies and other swimmers.

What concerns do you have about taking your little one swimming? Let us know, we’d love to provide some helpful tips and information for you! Keep an eye on our blog page for our next blog which will cover how to get ready for your babies first lesson (before, during and after)!

*The data was gathered in April 2018 via an online survey of 1,000 members of the UK public.

Survey data

The baby might pick up a bug


Chlorine may irritate the baby’s skin


Having a nappy accident in the pool


The baby will be too cold


The baby won’t like the water


I don’t have a baby


Having or being subject to another child’s nappy accident


Other responses