Why do we wear Swimming Hats?

As part ensuring high quality swimming lesson delivery, swimming hats are a compulsory part of swimming attire for all swimmers at Carol Saunders Swim School across all venues.

  • Stages 1-7 lessons we recommend the soft cloth swim hats
  • Stages 8+ we recommend silicone swimming hats

Why must swimmers wear swim hats?

We appreciate the costs of lessons are a big outlay for parents especially in the current climate which is why we constantly strive to ensure lessons are being delivered to their highest quality.

High quality delivery cannot happen if your swimming progress is being hindered by having your's or someone else's hair in your face whilst you are trying to swim....or even worse a hair ball stuck between your toes or fingers.....?

Key benefits to wearing a swim hat:

  • Keeps your hair out of your face - so you can focus on your swim
  • You are able to effectively practise aquatic breathing without inhaling your hair!
  • Keeps long hair away from other swimmers getting their fingers caught in another swimmers hair
  • Secures all the hair (even those little flyaways) so you won't feel your ponytail dragging in the water
  • Gives your goggles a smooth surface to stick to. 
  • Helps make you more visible in the water. 
  • Helps to protect your hair. Swim caps are not meant for keeping your hair dry, but they do add a small layer of protection against chlorine damage to your hair. 
  • Helps to protect the pools water and filtration system by minimising hair in the filters. 
  • Reduces the amount of floating hair and hair balls in the pool
  • Ensures long hair doesn't get stuck in lane ropes causing possible injury
  • Teachers have the option to wear swim hats but are not compulsory due to the duration the teachers are in the pool for and also the Teachers are not swimming so their hair isn't constantly in contact with the pool unlike the swimmers. Swimming Teacher's hair should be plaited / up in a bun / off the face.

*Please ensure you have a swimming hat ready for your next lesson; you can purchase a cloth one or silicon one at Reception before your lesson.

If you do not have a swim hat available your Teacher will provide you with a free latex hat to wear for your lesson.

*Special dispensation is given to some swimmers. Please email the office to request special dispensation and notes will be added to the swimmers account for the Teachers awareness.

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