How to get your children in to, and used to, the water!

While swimming lessons are a great way of getting little ones familiar and confident in the water, there are other fun ways to improve their basic swimming skills, water safety and build a bond with all things aquatic!


  1. Start in the tub

The bathtub or paddling pool is a great place to begin to build confidence in the water. Turn this safe, calm space into a place where they can be adventurous, bring in their favourite toys and play games

  1. Kick and splash

Teaching little ones to swim usually starts with showing them how to kick their legs and make a splash. Make this into a fun activity by letting them see how much of a splash they can make, quickly they will realise that kicking their legs in the water helps them to move through it!

  1. Talk to the fishies

Pretending to talk to fish in the water by blowing bubbles can be done in the bath or paddling pool. Blow bubbles and then put your ear to the water to listen for a response. This is a fun way of getting their breathing controlled and increasing confidence in submerging their face in the water.

  1. Go for a ride

Take your little one through the water in the shallow end by holding them under their armpits and walking backwards. The feeling of security of being held but also the experience of moving through the water in the safe environment will make it fun and exciting for them!

  1. Take the plunge

In the shallow end, crouch two feet away from the wall, and hold your little one so they are standing on your knees, your hands supporting their waist (you are both facing the wall). Let them jump forward grabbing onto the wall. This is a good way to get them used to being independent within the water and again, makes it an exciting challenge to practice.

Most importantly, stay safe in the water. According to the Lifesaving Society the majority of drown victims under the age of 5 is due to being unsupervised and falling into pools. It is so important to teach your little ones the importance of being able to grab onto the side of the pool/bath/paddling pool and for them to learn swimming skills as early as possible!

For more advice on getting your little ones in to and used to the water please feel free to give the team a call, or arrange to come along for a personal 1:1 session so we can help advise you on the best methods to improve their confidence!

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