Santa’s Swimming Secrets

Ho ho ho! Santa Claus here, it’s the Christmas season at Carol Saunders Swim School and since I have the swimming venues to myself, I thought I’d share a few of my top swimming tips to help little ones have a really cool yule in the pool.


Get used to the water

I may have travelled the sky delivering presents to good boys and girls, but I still found being in the water a little strange to begin with. I’ve been walking in the shallow end of the pool to get used to the sensation and keeping my breathing under control. Could you do the same with your little ones?


Use visualisations to help you feel comfortable

Your little one might feel a bit daunted by a swimming pool setting. If that’s the case, sprinkle a little festive magic and imagine yourself in a Christmas dream. Maybe the slide is a toboggan run? Perhaps the stairs into the pool lead to presents on Christmas morning?


Treat yourself to some earplugs and goggles

If you’re ready to take your swimming seriously, you’d better put these items on your Christmas wish list! Having water in their ears and eyes is going to get on little ones’ nerves and stop them from having a joyful time in the pool.  I’ll pop them in my sleigh for you if you let me know!


Learn to float

My reindeers didn’t manage to fly on their first attempt, and neither will you or your little ones be able to float on your first time in the swimming pool! Help them keep practising by letting the water take the weight of their body as they hold onto the side. They should start to bring their legs up and slowly lean back.


Start kicking

Grab a kickboard and start moving your legs. Imagine you’re making snow angels together and create an out sweep and in sweep motion. Or could you be a husky dog pulling a sleigh, powering your legs up and down? Developing these muscles will help prepare for proper swimming!


Add in your arms

Once you’ve got your legs going, try using your arms alongside your legs. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have lots of strong muscles to use here from carrying all your Christmas presents! Let go of your kickboard and bring your strokes together!


Have you been inspired by my swimming secrets? If so, let the elves at Carol Saunders Swim School know and they can arrange for me to give a lesson voucher on Christmas morning. You can call 01757 709703, pay on the phone and receive the voucher by post or email.