A day in the life of….a swim star’s parents!

Welcome to the first of our brand new series of posts where we’ll be getting the insight into the lives of our Carol Saunders Swim School family, including our teachers, swimmers, ambassadors and even parents!

We’re kickstarting our series with a day in the life of our Sport Ambassador, Ella Frost’s parents!

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Name: Hi, we are Julie and Simon Frost – Ella’s parents.

Role: Parent’s, feeders, chauffeurs and moral support boosters!

Highlights: Seeing Ella’s passion for sport and her face when she crosses the finish line!

Challenges: Managing Ella’s sporting diary and fuelling our little sports star with the right foods.



6:00am: The alarm goes off and we’re all up, ready and raring to go! (yes, 6am on a Saturday is a real time!)

7:00am: A hearty but healthy breakfast is just the fuel we all need to get going and energized for a busy day ahead. Ella and Julie usually opt for porridge, but Simon is more likely to be scrambling up some eggs!

7.45am: Shoes on, bags packed (with lunch and dinner as we won’t be home till after teatime) and it’s time to hit the road. Julie’s taking Ella this morning with Simon holding the fort at home until lunch.

8:15am: Arrive at the pool for Ella’s first lesson of the day, 1.5 hours of swimming with Carol Saunders Swim School. This gives Julie a bit of time to catch up on diary planning for the week ahead and getting the shopping delivery ordered.

10:30am: Julie and Ella are back on the road, stopping by at the Tack Shop to pick up horse feed and bedding, before setting off for the next lesson.

12:00pm: It’s time for a riding lesson for Ella and a quick handover between Julie and Simon.

2:00pm: Lunchtime! Simon and Ella decide to visit a local park for a picnic with their packed lunches to refuel for the rest of the day.

Untitled4:30pm: Simon drops Ella at the gym for her final session of the day, personal training with her coach and recovery time to stretch out those muscles.

6:00pm: Simon and Ella are heading home after a busy day, Ella’s had her packed dinner in the car on the drive back so when they get home it’s time to catch up on homework and then relax!

6:30pm: Julie helps Ella with homework while Simon packs lunches for tomorrow.

7:30pm: It’s finally time to unwind with the family and a film and recover before another busy day tomorrow.

8:30pm: Bedtime, sleep is one of the most important parts of Ella’s day, other than eating and training, so the family make sure there is plenty of rest

49e4edde-3845-4d61-88e8-b70806e0d7c0Being parents of an ambitious athlete is not always easy, cheap or straightforward, however, we adore seeing our girl accomplish such amazing goals. Her passion for sport really does emanate from her! It might be easier if she just had one sporting discipline, however, we take responsibility for introducing her to the world of multi disciplined events such as Pentathlon, Tetrathlon and Triathlon…we just couldn’t stick to one!

Although our days are busy and juggling work, school, cooking, transport, homework and LIFE can be hard, seeing Ella thriving in multi-sports is a dream come true for us as a family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our new partnership with Carol Saunders Swim School is also helping us a great deal. Now we can hand over swim targets and feedback from competitions to help Ella to continue to improve, instead of trying to do this ourselves without any skilled knowledge or expertise. Ella loves her swim training and will discuss techniques and adjustments with her instructors directly. We don’t even need to get involved anymore and can relax!

It's lovely to see her working directly with like-minded people and we are very grateful to Carol Saunders Swim School for everything they do, they always go the extra mile to support.

In summary, we don’t know what the future will hold for Ella and her sport, but for now we are thoroughly enjoying this exciting journey. We remain committed on our part and we extremely proud of Ella and all her achievements to date!