At what age can I start taking my baby swimming?



This is a question we are asked quite regularly at the Swim School, and the answer is simple, babies are never too young to start! The NHS advises that “you can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t yet completed their course of vaccinations” Learn more here


So, what are you waiting for?


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Why should you take your baby swimming?

Babies (tend to) love water…of course there are exceptions, but from our experience most babies really love it! Getting in the pool with your little one is a great bonding experience for both you and your baby and will help build both your confidence and your baby's confidence being in the water. Our approach to baby swimming at Carol Saunders Swim School through our Tiddler’s Academy is gentle, child-led, progressive and lots of gun! Getting used to swimming and being in the water from an early age can help prevent your baby from developing a fear of water as they grow. 


What do our baby swim classes entail?

Fun and enjoyment are critical at any stage of learning to swim but particularly at this stage, the main emphasis in our classes is placed on feeling at ease, bonding with you and developing water confidence whilst working on secure, comfortable holds, movement and floatation.


We introduce babies to the water by listening to the baby and working with their cues and reactions. We all know that each baby is individual and will display their emotions, their likes and their dislikes with facial expressions, body movements and noise. Experiencing the water with your baby, understanding and developing cues and being relaxed ensures babies remain relaxed and happy in the water.


All our lead teachers are STA Baby and Preschool qualified and are familiar with Birthlight and Halliwick teaching methods. Our teachers develop their own teaching philosophies based on their qualifications and vast experience. The key values all Tiddlers Academy teachers adopt is a gentle child-led approach focusing on the parent child relationship and working to enhance bonding and attachment.


Your baby will love the freedom of movement the water can provide and by working at your child's pace floating and movement will flourish.

Babies and children learn through play and song. As babies and toddlers grow, the Tiddlers Academy aquatics scheme begins to compliment the Early Years Foundation Stages and provides repetition of water skills and activities to promote emerging and secure learning. Singing in the water is compulsory....don’t worry if you don’t know the words, you'll soon learn!

Beginning to move through water, aids muscle development and coordination complementing a child's physical milestones; rolling, sitting standing and walking. Each of these milestones offers a unique window of opportunity to work with a child’s intrinsic reflexes within the aquatic environment.


What are the benefits of baby swimming?

Water safety is a focus from day one and babies will be introduced to gentle safety techniques to build upon as they progress and grow. 


Here is a glimpse of some of the benefits of baby swimming...

  • Swimming together enhances bonding and relaxation
  • Regular swimming improves eating and sleeping patterns
  • Provides the opportunity to create awareness of safety around water and the pool environment
  • Gentle and fun exercise whilst having fun!
  • Research shows that babies who are introduced to swimming and attend classes regularly are far better developed socially, mentally and physically.


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