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Meet our adult swimming students: John

Learning to swim as an adult can be daunting for some, especially if they have a phobia of water. The feeling of overcoming this with the help of a qualified and patient swimming teacher, however, is incredibly empowering. That’s the experience of John, one of our adult learners. In our new series, we’ll be chatting to a few of our adult students to find out what motivated them to start swimming, how they’ve found their lessons and what they’re most looking forward to with their new skill.


How long have you been taking swimming lessons?

I started about 18 months ago.


What made you want to learn to start swimming?

I’d always been scared of water up until about 3 years ago when I decided I wanted to overcome my phobia. That lead me to start looking for swimming lessons.


Was there anything in particular that put you off learning before now?

Being absolutely petrified of water. On one occasion, I froze in the water and my wife had to come in, hold my hand and help me out.

Adult one to one

Do you think there’s anything adult learners need to be aware of before they start classes?

For me, the valuable thing was knowing that it would be quite a long process. Therefore, I would say to be prepared for it to take time. It will be worth it.


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Did you find it easy or difficult to learn to swim as an adult?

To get back into the pool was initially quite difficult. 

Our teachers know how frightening entering the pool can be if you’re scared of water. They’ll take the lesson at your pace and find gentle ways to develop your confidence so that you only get in when you’re ready.


What advice would you give adults who are nervous or hesitant about learning?

There’s lots of information online, including on YouTube, which you can watch to overcome your fears.


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Why did you choose Carol Saunders Swim School?

I looked on the website and it seemed as though the venue I now attend would be easy to get to for me. I also found that I could have one to one tuition, which I felt I would benefit from.


You can read more about each of our venues here and find the one which is most convenient for you.



What’s your favourite thing about swimming now that you’re confident in the pool?

I feel much more confident in the water. I still have a little way to go until I can fully swim, but I’m looking forward to it.


What would you recommend for other adults considering learning to swim?

Go for it!!

 Great advice, John! If you have a question you’d like to ask us or feel ready to take the plunge, call 01757 709703 or 07793 370 782, or email We welcome adult learners and would be happy to help you start swimming.