7th November 2018

2019 Term Timetable

Full details of our 2019 Swimming Lesson timetable for Carol Saunders Swim School Read more


7th November 2018

At what age can I start taking my baby swimming?

This is a question we are asked quite regularly at the Swim School, and the answer is simple, babies are never too young to start! So what are you waiting for? Read more

Penny Pumpkin and Gertude Gourd

6th November 2018

Halloween Swim

Penny the Pumpkin & Gertrude Gourd had a great Halloween swim with our little swimmers! Read more


24th September 2018

October Training Courses

We have a number of training courses running in October, for lifeguards and teachers. Read more


19th September 2018

Swimming Lessons for Juniors & Adults

Considering signing up to swimming lessons yourself, or for your little one, but unsure what the lessons might entail? We’ve put together an overview of classes for little ones and adults for you to find out a bit more before taking the plunge! Read more

New Bubwith tiddlers

12th September 2018


Carol Saunders Swim School and Tiddler's Academy are pleased to announce that we have added more days to our Splash & Learn classes at Willow Lodge, Bubwith. Read more

Family Business Award

18th July 2018

Carol Saunders Swim School bag NATIONAL Award!

We are proud to announce that we have WON National Family Business of the Year for the North East of England! Read more


4th July 2018

10 Benefits of Swimming

Swimming can improve overall fitness, mental well-being and even make you look younger! With these contributing factors, we believe swimming really is the way forward. We may be biased due to our love of swimming, but with so many benefits we feel it is our duty to share these with you. Read more


4th July 2018

Summer Water Safety - 15 top tips for staying safe in the water this summer

Summer has arrived and with it brings the temptation to jump in the pool, splash in the sea and generally just cool down! However, sometimes these urges lead to a lack of respect for the water which can result in catastrophe. It is important to understand the risks that water can hold and be aware of these so that you can be as prepared as possible to keep yourself and your family safe this summer, and always! Read more


8th June 2018

Drowning Prevention Week 2018

This year to show our support for this extremely important week we are teaming up with the local fire brigade in Selby and York to raise awareness. We will be at Market Cross in Selby on Saturday 23rd June from 10am-2pm to promote water safety, open water swimming, lifesaving and how to swim safely! Read more


9th May 2018

Open Water Safety

With the sunshine making an appearance over the past couple of weeks, it definitely feels like summer’s on its way! With the heat comes the urge to take a dip in open water, whether it be a river, a lake, the sea or even a canal…however, it’s extremely important to remember water safety first before even contemplating taking the plunge (literally!) Read more


18th April 2018

Swimming is a great way of keeping fit, staying healthy and making friends!

Starting regular swimming can help reduce the risk of illnesses whilst also boosting your mood and keeping your weight under control! Not only do the benefits of swimming help towards keeping your body and mind healthy, swimming is also a lifelong skill that could result in saving yours or someone else’s life. Read more


4th April 2018

How to get your children in to, and used to, the water!

While swimming lessons are a great way of getting little ones familiar and confident in the water, there are other fun ways to improve their basic swimming skills, water safety and build a bond with all things aquatic! Read more


26th March 2018

Benefits of Swimming for Mental Health

With a great deal of focus being put on Mental Health Awareness recently we decided it would be the perfect time to concentrate on how swimming can help support with Mental Health and the main benefits that it can have! Most medical experts agree that any type of physical activity can have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing, by according to recent studies by Swim England, swimming can be particularly effective. Read more

Angie and Lucie YWMB

19th February 2018

Team talks with Carol Saunders Swim School

We’ve recently asked some of our swimming teachers some questions about how they got into this career and what they love most about it…learn more about our teachers here! Read more


12th February 2018

Swimming tips for beginners

Whether you want to learn to swim for fitness, water safety or something else, it doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking or strenuous experience. Swimming is a great workout for your whole body, and you never know when you might need it! We’ve put together some swimming tips for beginners ! Read more